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Motrik, Hollow Sidewalks and Murderbait 3/16 @ the Fixin To

Prepare yourselves for a dark, swirly mystical night of goth, post-punk, and krautrock at arguably St. John’s best bar and venue, The Fixin’ To.
Portland four-piece Møtrik leave little to the imagination with their name, and the Portland krautrock unit drives straight down the autobahn with their excellent self-titled release. –MARK LORE (Portland Mercury)

Hollow Sidewalks
Hollow Sidewalks casually catch your ear and pull you in until you can’t get enough. It’s a feeling that lurks beneath the mystical tapestry of their psychedelic post-punk sound, as if there’s a bigger story waiting to be uncovered. Frontwoman Nora Murphy Hughes’ lazy drawl, reminiscent of early Siouxsie Sioux, is backed by solid rhythm and understated, wandering guitar riffs. Hollow Sidewalks’ music is easy to lose yourself in, and has that rare ability to speak to a child of rock ‘n’ roll of any generation.–CHRISTINA BROUSSARD (Portland Mercury)

An ethereall tide of minor chorded trances with roots firmly established in the fringes of the early punk movement, as well as early 70’s kraut-rock, and various forms and eras of psych, and even elements of smoke drenched jazz and American folk.Taking up the torch that artists such as Cohen, Bowie, and Cave, have blazed, Murderbait walks an unpaved road of uncertainty and is unafraid to show the colors of such stems, yet is no stranger to experimentation and casually walking past boundaries set by most “scenes”.